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How much does it cost to unlock D lock, U lock or chain bike lock?

The variety of different locks available for bikes is vast. There are many sizes, brands, shapes and specifications. Some examples: D-lock, U-lock, Code lock, padlock and Cable lock, It is not possible to give a price on all of these types, as each of them needs an individual approach to unlock them in Central London.

We cannot give a precise answer to this question; we can however give a guideline price quotation. During business hours, the cost is from £50.00 /£65 .00 subjects to VAT. If you were to need this service in the middle of the night it would cost more than this as it is outside our business hours. The same would apply for early in the morning. Our normal business day begins at 8.30am Monday – Friday and 9.30am on the weekends. We operate a 24-hour Locksmith service in London.

Some times we may need to use metal drills to assist in opening the lock. This depends on a variety of things: the weight of the lock, the thickness, quality, design, metal types.

Do you need a bike or bicycle locks locksmith? Because you lost the keys?‎ Or are the bike keys broken inside the lock ?

We unlock all makes and brands of D-U Locks from Bikes and Bicycles in central London.

The large U-Lock bolt needs to be cut with a metal grinder, these tools are serious power tools as the metal needs to be cut with a high quality of power supplied via specialist batteries, as bikes are often positioned far from electrical cable access.

The recent D lock and U lock models can be problematic to drill it or unlock as the design companies have updated them to make them safer and stronger, which is a good point for anti theft not so great if you have lost keys or need to force the lock of your own bike open.

Simple bike locks (chain/wire) can occasionally be opened by picking or drilling out the pins/levers and unlocking. These simply bike locks are not as safe as the U and D Lock bolts.

In central London we cover of The London Borough of Kensington & Chelsea and beyond. In our experience the majority of the bike owners experience attempted theft often by accident. People are in a rush in central London and sometimes suddenly someone locked a bike with another D -U lock or heavy-duty big chain lock “by accident?” It is possible!

Locked your bike by accident?

Often when this happens it is not an accident! In our experience many times we have seen with our clients that thieves want to lock your bike with another lock so that they can come back in the middle of the night to help themselves to your bike. Be careful! Please keep in mind that every bike lock does have a weakness point.

We wouldn’t recommend to you leaving you bike overnight on the street particularly in very dark quiet places. If your bike is new, or a special model and expensive this can encourage the thieves to want them so that can sell them.
If you don’t mind to lose your bike then it is okay to leave it overnight. Try to buy another bike lock, by using two different locks perhaps one on the front wheel and one on the back wheel of your bike, thieves will have a harder time to brake it open and it becomes too much of a risk for the thief and it can save you from having your bike stolen.

However the Low-cost bike locks that are often in chain/wire form are not supplicated enough as you can break them yourself with a basic house tools like a big bolt cutters or another tools like chainsaw.

Bike thief tells the how to stop your cycle from being stolen!

The best advice we can share with you is to report the police that your bike been locked with another lock and is not belonging to you, so they normally give you report with reference note number and may advise you to get a locksmith out to remove the bike lock. Sometimes you will need to provide more ownership details evidence.

Unlocking D – U bike locks by Locksmiths in London – what do you need to know!

We normally ask beforehand to see your identification and if you have the police report please bring this with you.
In case of an expensive bike we would ask for proof of original purchase or the punctures note if you purchased the bike from a shop, friend or eBay it is useful to ask for a receipt so that you could prove ownership if necessary. If there is a serial number for the bike we advise for this to be noted on the receipt so that it matches the serial number on the bike frame.

On top of this you could be ask to sign on the invoice and confirm belonging or owning this bike.

How long does it take to unlocking a bike lock? A qualified locksmith technician who is mobile with the latest advanced equipment should open a bicycle U-lock within 15 to 25 minutes.

Locksmiths of Kensington & Chelsea would be appreciative to hear from you with your stories, comments or further tips that we can post on our website to help our London and West London w11,w10,sw10,sw3,w8,w14,sw5,sw7,sw1,w2,w9 clients.

Bicycle keys or jammed D-Locks, we solve them all ,We provide a 24 hour bicycle release service.