Is Your Door Lock Sticky?

Any problems with your front door locks or your screws on a door hinge keep coming loose? We will try to provide common door lock problems and some basic solutions to fix it.

As the winter months set in we feel colder our clothes get warmer – thank goodness, But to make sure your home is secure during the winter you need to solve cold weather problems like “doors have started sticking”? Or door closet won’t stay closed because they seem stuck?

You may find that over the years the screws on the door hinge can become lose after years of being used or perhaps it’s the door handle. We have a guide with a few solution suggestions that could help in these types of situations

Solutions 1: spray WD-40 on the hinges of a sticking door or replace hinges if there are any major rusting problems, which could cause the hinges to be worn away and no longer functional.

Solutions 2:
Check the hinge screws and make sure they are screwed in tightly if necessary adjust the hinges to the right position. When doing so use a screw driver instead of drill as it give you more control and avoid making any costly mistakes.

Solution 3 : Remove the door handle unit and see if there are any broken parts or perhaps the side groove might have come out? You can try to spray WD-40 on the inside of the handle parts too.

Solution 4 : If Wd-40 does not work you can try a silicone spray.

Solution 5 : Sometimes the key will stick and jam because the lock mechanism is not all the way open or closed. If you approach the lock from the other side of the door maybe there is a keyhole or a button, which you can try to press or use the key to unlock the door from this side. It may release the jam and align the tumblers inside the lock.

Solution 6: It is also possible that one of the tumblers inside the lock may have broken and has got stuck or perhaps a piece of the metal key has broken off inside the lock. We suggest to not continuing to turn the key in the lock as the metal could get softer and the key may brake off inside the lock. Try gently pushing and pulling the key and wiggling. If you are using a brand new cut key perhaps check that it has been cut correctly sometimes it can be that the cutting is not perfect and then your key will not work inside the lock. Also you can try to sprat some WD– 40 or similar into the lock.

If the key is not the problem it may be the locks cylinder, perhaps the springs have worn out or if your handle is really old and the above suggestions do not work it may be time to invest in a new handle, you may have to call a locksmith.

Check your keys in the lock do they feed in smoothly are they easy to remove.

Are your tenants or neighbours complaining about the communal door – will you be left on the doorstep if it’s not addressed?

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