Baby Drama In Chelsea

It was 10 pm that our professional team got an emergency call from a mother who was locked out when her baby was locked in? How did that happen?

It was one of the first nights of winter, which seems to have struck with speed in London this year. A frantic new mother calls up and says: “I just popped to take the rubbish bags out and the front door shut from the forceful wind behind me.” Her voice is frantic over the phone as she asks for our Emergency Locksmiths service: “My baby’s inside the house!”

Thankfully we train all our staff in these situations to ask for the address initially and message this out so we can find out how quickly one of our team can be there…

All the other information can be addressed later, but it’s crucial that we alert any Locksmiths in Chelsea SW3 & SW10 that there is a baby involved, in case they have a a job nearby which they can leave there and rush to help the new mother in distress.

Lindsey was so grateful when I reassured her, that as a local emergency locksmith specialist, we would be able to reach the door within 15/25 minutes.

Our first priority is to open the door, once inside she could then check that her baby is fine and put her mind at rest, and then we can discuss any other matters. Our technician needs to inform her if there is a latch on the door and how to operate it so we can demonstrate how to use it in future so that her door does not shut behind her.

Lindsey was telling her NCT group about the drama only last week and unfortunately a friend of her’s Samantha in the group had a similar problem only a few days later.

When Samantha called us she was incredibly calm it was noted on our internal report. When the technician returned to the office later that evening he was telling me that Samantha near Oakley Road SW3 London was a friend of Lindsey’s in SW10 Chelsea and that Samantha had called Lindsey as soon as she was locked out for our number.

That explains her calm persona!

It was lovely to know there is a strong community in Kensington & Chelsea and that friends and neighbours help each other even in these modern times of the internet and the fast paced world we live in.

We offer a full emergency service at Locksmith in Kensington and Chelsea London SW3 and operate a 7 days a week. We are open all through the festive holidays over Christmas and New Years.

If you would like us to come for a complimentary evaluation of your home security or if you have some works that you would like to carry out and we can offer a no-obligation quotation we are most happy to help and give information.

Door and Window Locks for Your Home Contents Insurance?

When you take home insurance it often requires you to meet the security standard of locks, which is BS 3621. (British Standard Approved Locks) .

Have you just moved into a new property or would you like to start a new insurance policy?

The insurance companies’ are always updating their policies, with the latest security standards and will ask you to install or perhaps upgrade the locks on your home to meet their policy requirements. This can be for either buildings or contents insurance; mostly we find it is for contents Insurance.

This allows the insurance companies to give you a cheaper rate of insurance. The discount is often 5 -10% less in London if you have the correct security in place. They also want to make sure that your home is safe and difficult to brake into. This is a good for all!

Many clients ask what type of locks can be covered under their contents insurance? Or what type of Deadlock or mortise lock do they need to be covered by BS 3260 for their insurance?

We will try to cover and the answer these main points by our suggestions below:

1. Read through thoroughly and carefully to understand the terms and conditions of your new policy. Each insurance company asks for different things to be addressed. For example some may wish for your metal gate to be alarmed. It can often depend on what you are insuring and where your property is located in London.

2. Please get the full specification of what type of British standard lock you will need on all your doors and windows to ensure you are fully covered by your insurance policy. If you are not clear please call your insurance company as it will save you problems in the future and help to get a clear picture of what home security is needed.

Let your insurance company know what type of locks you currently have on your door. Is it a 3 lever or a 5 lever? If you have a home security check on your property you may find out that you already have the locks that you need!

It often does happen that we go to a client appointment that wants to install an extra lock because they have been asked to by their insurance company. When we arrive and study their existing locks with their policy we find out that there current doors and windows locks are okay! But the clients didn’t realize how to know this as it can be quite confusing communicating over the phone with the insurance company!

Is your door a wooden door or Metal door or perhaps an Upvc Door with multi-point locking systems that operates from a cylinder lock case only? On an Upvc door one can change the cylinder and upgrade it to a high security or anti picking or drill lock. It is worthwhile looking at these points as a burglar can easily open some of the cylinders on Upvc doors. It helps to make sure you have the best locks possible.

It is advisable to let your insurance company know how many locks you have on your front and back door. Maybe there are 2 and one bolt on the inside? They record everything you tell them. Is your door also the street door? Or perhaps you live in a block of flats? Or a converted house?

If you have a back door to your garden you also need to let your insurance company know about this. On some occasions they may ask you to have a deadlock fitted in addition to the latch or bolt that you already have.

6. Do you have a kite mark? This symbolizes British standard B S 3621.
If you wish to check this you can do so by looking at your door. It is normally on the metal plate, which you can see by opening the door, on the faceplate. It will normally tell you what brand lock you have and what is the specification of the lock.

If there isn’t any mark it probably means that your lock may be a little older and it is possibly not covered by the new insurances policy.

Do you have the keys for all your door locks? Are your locks in a good condition? Do they work without any difficulties? Recently I went to see a client who had not used his dead lock for a long time and we turned it with the key once and it got stuck, as the metal was stiff from not being used at all.

8. Do you have a patio door? Wooden or UPVC 4/6 points system lock? With an Anti-snapped cylinder?
The Insurance companies tend to have different requirements for these. Often they have a grill or a mortise lock with 2 sections the top and the bottom. Often bolt keys operate these only. On most forms of Patio doors the insurance companies are happy if you fit a 2” 5 lever deadlock or sash lock. This is in addition to the 2 key door bolt.

If you are unsure if your locks comply with what your insurance company has asked we suggest you call your local locksmith company they can check, install or upgrade your windows and doors.

9. As a rule of thumb many of the insurance companies ask for Mortise or 5 lever deadlocks to be fitted. There is a wide range of brands that can offer these items from Chubb, Yale and Bonham locks.

To complete a fresh installation of insurance approved 5 lever dead lock or mortise lock it normally takes 50 minutes. If we replace the exciting lock this will take 25 to 30 minutes.

11. How much will it cost to fit a new British standard deadlock? (Also called BS standard),Our locks start from £35 for the basic version and we carry a range of different options from price conscious brands to the other end of the scale top end brands such as banham and Ingersoll, which start at £150.00. The prices are excluding Vat.

If you would like any further information or would like us to come and give a home security check we do not charge for this service, please contact us at Locksmiths of Kensington and Chelsea London on 0203 397 1656.

Locksmith London W14, North End Road – Estate agents keys!

Jack lived on West Kensington, North End Rd W14 for the past 2 years almost. He loved it but Jack had just been offered a job aboard in Switzerland. He was off to live there in 5 weeks. It was the end of Jacks tenancy at his flat on, North End Road in W14 London.

The flat was advertised for rent in the local agents window. The agent was in charge of showing viewings of the flat. The landlord had given the keys to the locks to the agent so they could view the flat during the day between 9-6pm while Jack was out at work. The agent often took prospective clients to see the flat. The set of lock keys the landlord gave the agent had 2 keys on it, both were for the front door of the apartment.

However, without knowing that Jack who lived at the property only had one key, which he used, daily this operated the night latch. Jack never locked his dead lock and kept the key for this inside the flat. Joseph the landlord did not know that Jack did not use this key. Therefore when Joseph gave a set of keys to the estate agent the agent was under the impression that he needed to use both keys for the night latch (the top lock) and the dead lock at the bottom of the door.

Jack never locked his bottom lock at North End Road W14 but the landlord and agent did not know this!

This one summers evening Jack jumped on the tube home and when he arrived at his street door he could not open it, he could not understand why? He thought for a moment and realised that possibly the Local estate agent on Earl’s court Road Sw5 London maybe had a key to the bottom lock and had double locked it? He called the landlord and then they called the agent….

The agent had double locked the bottom deadlock and Jack did not have a key for this lock. It was now after 10pm so there would not be any chance for the Estate agent who lived in Battersea to get over to Fulham to open the door at this time of night. Jack thought about staying at a friend… The landlord said it would be best if he called for  locksmith west Kensington w14 London – in fact the landlord keeps the number of a local locksmith that has been recommended to him ‘ Locksmiths of Kensington and Chelsea’ He passed the number to Jack asked him to arrange. He said that if you arrange for the emergency locksmiths to send me the invoice as I have an account with them I would settle up with them directly.

This was good news to Jack as he was soon to be moving to Switzerland and it was one less thing now on Jacks to-do list.

It is best when you move into a property that you make sure you have all the keys and that you test them in front of the landlord or agent. It is also wise to agree with the agent when they are viewing that they only have the same amount of keys as you and that they are aware of your home security system and that you all are talking from the same page.

As locksmiths in the area we can help in this case of emergency and have a technician come over and open the door for you. If would you like to talk about your security needs at your home or office in West Kensington w14 London, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Locked In & Out! Is it possible?

My sister lives in a Mews road in Ladbroke Grove W10 London and there is a gate to the entrance of the road. It is good because sometimes at night it can feel a little tense and then there’s the Notting Hill carnival once a year which takes over most of the roads around her home mews.

Recently the neighbours all got together asked our local Locksmith in W10 to install a key safe that holds a spare key to the gate and that helps a lot. I suggested that it would be a good idea after Sophie’s story over dinner a few months ago.


‘Sara I was locked in behind the gates of the mews in North Kensington London and locked out of my home the other week’ What happened I asked … Well I’d left my keys for the house at the office as I changed over my handbag and forgot that my keys were inside the front pocket. I arrived home and put the code into the security pad and the gate opened it self-locks as usual.

I arrive at my front door and realise my keys are not in my new Prada handbag!! Oh Gosh I figure I pop back to the office but when I return to the gate it is jammed and the as the security pad is broken from the inside and my overriding key to the system is on the key ring So Now here I am its 1am in the morning on a Wednesday the streets are pretty empty and I can’t get out of my street and I can’t get inside my home!

I begin to panic , thank goodness I do have a mobile phone that is working and that when I called a local locksmith in w10 London and they came and unlocked both the gate and fitted a key safe on the inside of the gate. I cut a spare key for it which means all the 12 mews house in the street now know the code of the key safe. They can also feel rest assured that there is always an overriding spare key inside the box which allows us all to have the extra piece of mind that we have this extra back up.

The company who helped me were excellent they were kind and considerate and charged fairly for their services, considering it was the middle of the night. They also communicated the options to me really well.

I’ve stored their number in my address book and I recommend if you have any security needs across London and beyond Locksmith of Kensington & Chelsea are available 7 days on 0203 397 1656.


Campden Hill Road – Flood Disaster


Situations likes these call for our Emergency Locksmith Service!

There is water leaking from my neighbors’ and they are away on holiday!

Kensington W8 London, early hours of a Sunday morning, I am on duty at the 7 days Locksmith office and a distraught lady calls me regarding a flood at her neighbour’s flat.

She says: “Hello I’m calling from West London between Notting Hill, Kensington W8 and Holland Park W14. My road is Campden Hill in Kensington W8.

I’ve just arrived home and seen that there is water leaking from my neighbor’s apartment inside the upstairs apartment? The family are away on holiday and there is no contact number at hand!

What can I do?”

Whilst you can’t simply call an Emergency Locksmith nearby to break in and open the door so you can see whether an emergency plumber is needed, we advice that it would be best to call the police to register the accident. This way the police will provide a reference number to enable to legal right of entry into someone’ else’s property. This is exactly what I advised Mrs. McAurther and I quickly dispatched a locksmith to open the door.

Our Kensington Locksmith is based just around the corner from W8 and was able to fit a temporary lock on the door. Since Mrs. McAurther may also need to call upon a plumber service, the temporary lock will protect the flat and allow her to gain access.

Thankfully all the flats in block were spared from further damage. Recounting her moves, it was lucky that Mrs. McAurther had such a late night and that as the building was so quiet the noise of the water leaking was loud enough to be heard.

As a genuinely local affordable locksmith company we are able to respond quickly and efficiently.

One may never know when a Kensington Locksmith W8 London is needed – It is handy to have contact number in your mobile phone or close at hand.

Our number here at locksmiths of Kensington and Chelsea is 0203 397 1656! Please call us in case of any emergency- we are here to help.

Your Kensington Laptop lock doesn’t work well – stuck or faulty?

What can I do to unlock it?

How to unlock and open Kensington laptop lock

I’ve been advised that the Kensington Lock is one of the best forms of security if I use my laptop in places where security may have be of a concern.

There are many different Kensington locks on offer, The Kensington Locks Micro-Saver, the twin locks, duo locks and security kits are all really good security products – you can see their full range here.

The micro-saver is a very good range of locks, when you are purchasing a lock it is good to take your computer along to the shop so that you can see which lock is the best for you and your uses.

If you want to get insurance for your laptop of Pc or MacBook they may wish you to have a lock for it. Normally they are happy with a Kensington lock. Check your policy for more details and condition.

Sometimes people find that the Kensington laptop lock doesn’t work well or stuck! Sometimes the metal can get cold or hard and in these cases it is wise to keep your lock lubricated DW-40 If you’ll lock gets stuck while fixed onto your computer you could try to giggle the keys or try another key in the lock. If it still doesn’t work we could come and remove the Kensington laptop lock for you.

Kensington laptop lock

Let us help you with your laptop locks.

Here at Locksmiths of Kensington and Chelsea – London, we are fully experienced and Locksmith trained in removing the Kensington locks from computers. Call us if your lock stuck & faulty or you just lost yours key Kensington laptop lock!

97% we are able to avoid damage to the computer. There is possible damage to the lock, in some case the lock may not be workable after but is very rare. The best news is that your computer is free to go with you whereever you may travel.

She “cleaned” me out from my own house!

I always look forward to arriving home on a Thursday as its the day my cleaner comes … I know my flat is going to look picture perfect, as I stroll down Westbourne Grove in W11’s Notting Hill London, I put my key in the door and the lock on my front door doesn’t open? Is it stuck?

I try again. I realize that the bottom lock has been double locked oh no my dear cleaner was on holiday and she sent here friend to clean this week …the friend must of used the dead lock at the bottom of the door and double locked it.

Oh no what can I do now? She doesn’t speak English and I recall lives in East London? The best and quickest solution is to call my Emergency Local Locksmith in Notting Hill W11 – London.

I realize that I only ever double lock the bottom lock when I go away and I always cancel my cleaner those weeks. Its best, that in future I don’t give the cleaner a key to the bottom dead lock.


Thanks for the story Nina! Should this ever happen to you, don’t hesitate to contact our efficient and affordable locksmith service in Notting Hill W11 & W2 London. We can also offer some locks where all locks work off one key, which would solve the above issue – it’s like one size fits all. One key works all your locks!

Locksmith Ladbroke Grove W10 London – Bike Stolen !


I like to share with you my story, and a bit information that can help you an any case you lost your bike keys.

It was 7.45am a sunny November morning and I was on my bike going to W10 Ladbroke grove station London, where I jump on the tube to work. I parked and locked my bike as usual and enjoyed my day.

When I got back to the Ladbroke Grove station, I couldn’t find my keys – I searched and thought oh I must of left it at work! I happened to tell my pal Henry about it when we were at the gym that evening and he said: “Oh mate not sure that’s such a grand idea – it could get stolen tonight.”

I panicked. He suggested I call locksmiths near W10 Ladbroke Grove station in West London . When I googled it Locksmith of Kensington and Chelsea came out as the local locksmith closest to me.

I called and spoke to their office manager who was very attentive and helpful, she suggested that if I had a second lock, I could put this on overnight as having both wheels and the centre section locked up it would a better deterrent and put the burglar off.

I asked her if I wanted to get the bike home and get it safely back into the flat could they come and unlock it. Yes it was possible. She warned me that from her experience, leaving the bike overnight in a dark area is not a good idea and I should get it unlocked today still. However, it was already late at night and I wanted to get some rest, so I scheduled for first thing in the morning for the locksmith to come and unlock my bike.

The end of my story: is that I needed to cancel the appointment as when I arrived to find my bike in the morning it was stolen! Even though the the bike wasn’t really worth much, it was a gift from my girlfriend and it meant a lot to me. I guess the lesson is that you need to look after the things that are special to you.


Have you lost your keys? Did someone else lock your bike?

Locksmith of Kensington and Chelsea in Ladbroke Grove W10 West London will be happy to help and give you professional advice – Call Us On 0203 397 1656.

Lost Your Safe Keys?

Many safes that you have at your home or office will have two main methods of opening a key and a combination lock. Often the key may get lost or the code forgotten then at least you’ll have second method entry.

It is wise to try to keep the key safe and remember the code. This is of course easier said than done sometimes we’ll go abroad and come back and forget these types of information.

We do get a number of our clients whom may need to either get a new key cut for their safe or reprogrammed the safes combination code. This can be done and we can reset your safe so that you have a new code.

If you have an old safe that’s been in your home for many years, but you currently do not have access to it, please do call us for a free quotation and safe evaluation. We have an expert safe locksmith on staff who can advise advise you of the options and best way forward.

Key Safes

It is so useful if you are worried about a loved one or friend’s safety to get a key safe. They are small boxes that fit on the outside onto a brick wall. They have a security code to open them so you can give the code to as many people as need it.

This allows for people who need to gain entry to the key and the home of someone who may need help.

They come with a cover over them which hide the key safe and means that it will not be possible to open the door unless you have the code.

For more info on how we can help you protect your keys, check out our safe locksmith services in Kensington & Chelsea.