Your Kensington Laptop lock doesn’t work well – stuck or faulty?

What can I do to unlock it?

How to unlock and open Kensington laptop lock

I’ve been advised that the Kensington Lock is one of the best forms of security if I use my laptop in places where security may have be of a concern.

There are many different Kensington locks on offer, The Kensington Locks Micro-Saver, the twin locks, duo locks and security kits are all really good security products – you can see their full range here.

The micro-saver is a very good range of locks, when you are purchasing a lock it is good to take your computer along to the shop so that you can see which lock is the best for you and your uses.

If you want to get insurance for your laptop of Pc or MacBook they may wish you to have a lock for it. Normally they are happy with a Kensington lock. Check your policy for more details and condition.

Sometimes people find that the Kensington laptop lock doesn’t work well or stuck! Sometimes the metal can get cold or hard and in these cases it is wise to keep your lock lubricated DW-40 If you’ll lock gets stuck while fixed onto your computer you could try to giggle the keys or try another key in the lock. If it still doesn’t work we could come and remove the Kensington laptop lock for you.

Kensington laptop lock

Let us help you with your laptop locks.

Here at Locksmiths of Kensington and Chelsea – London, we are fully experienced and Locksmith trained in removing the Kensington locks from computers. Call us if your lock stuck & faulty or you just lost yours key Kensington laptop lock!

97% we are able to avoid damage to the computer. There is possible damage to the lock, in some case the lock may not be workable after but is very rare. The best news is that your computer is free to go with you whereever you may travel.

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