Questions & Answers

1. I need to change the lock on my front door. How much will a new lock cost?
The prices start from £15 up to £235, the cost varies depending on different lock types and brands. Please call us with a description of your lock or take a photo of the lock on and email to us, best to follow up with a call and then we can discuss your lock from the photograph over the phone.

2. Is there a call out fee for your services?
We do not charge a call out fee. We have a minimum labour charge, which is only charged when the job has been completed to your fulfillment.

3. Is it safe to paint over the Locks when I paint my Door?
Advise to your Painter/Decorator to cover the keyholes or any parts of the lock fitting with Masking Tape to protect it. Do not paint over your locks as this can affect how well they will work in the Future.

4. Help I’m locked out! How fast can you get to me? 

We aim to arrive at all emergencies between 15mins to 1 hour. We can give you a more accurate estimated time of arrival by calling 020 3397 1656.

5. How long does it take for the door to be opened or the lock to be fixed?
This varies depending on the locks. A standard Yale cylinder lock generally takes 20-25.
A 5 lever British Standard mortise deadlock is a high security lock and can be more challenging to open.

6. Will there be any damage if you need to gain entry when I forgot my keys inside my home?
Over 80% of the cases we can open without causing any damage to the locks. They remain fully functional. It is rare, but on occasions we have had case that there is a need to injure the lock.

7. Can you prove that you are CRB checked? 

Yes all our technician’s have to be carrying CRB identification please feel free to ask to see the document when you meet our technician.

8. What can I do in the event of a burglary?
Call to the locksmith, Police and Insurance company from outside your home (to avoid yourself touching something that could hold finger prints etc.) and don’t touch anything.

It is advisable to change locks in the premises are changed, in case the Intruders have access to a set of keys. A locksmith will advise on any additional reinforcements to your doors and windows to give you peace of mind that this is unlikely to happen again. 

9. Are you company trained locksmiths?
Yes our technicians are trained professionals and carry certifications and ID.

10. How can I pay? 

We accept all forms of payment apart from American Express.

11. My insurance asks for a five-lever mortice deadlock; what is that?
The 5-lever lock mortice deadlock is a type of lock often required for home insurance and is generally recommended by the police for home security.
For Insurance purposes it must be locked when the property is empty, otherwise your contents insurance is invalid.
Traditionally the 5 levers British Standard (BS3621) lock is frequently referred to as a Chubb lock, it was the most famous brand name, which is but is no longer manufactured. The same factories by the same people have rebranded under the name Union. There are a great many manufacturers, including Yale, Union, Era, Banham, and Ingersoll etc.

12. How would I secure my wooden or metal sash windows?
We suggest fitting high security ‘Sash Stop Locks’ to your sash windows that provide a high-level of protection; available in a variety of finishes, as like brass or silver, so this is easy to match them to any existing door or window furniture. Also, they have the added advantage of allowing the sashes to be left slightly open whilst still remaining secure. For more info, please see a full list of our residential locksmith services.