She “cleaned” me out from my own house!

I always look forward to arriving home on a Thursday as its the day my cleaner comes … I know my flat is going to look picture perfect, as I stroll down Westbourne Grove in W11’s Notting Hill London, I put my key in the door and the lock on my front door doesn’t open? Is it stuck?

I try again. I realize that the bottom lock has been double locked oh no my dear cleaner was on holiday and she sent here friend to clean this week …the friend must of used the dead lock at the bottom of the door and double locked it.

Oh no what can I do now? She doesn’t speak English and I recall lives in East London? The best and quickest solution is to call my Emergency Local Locksmith in Notting Hill W11 – London.

I realize that I only ever double lock the bottom lock when I go away and I always cancel my cleaner those weeks. Its best, that in future I don’t give the cleaner a key to the bottom dead lock.


Thanks for the story Nina! Should this ever happen to you, don’t hesitate to contact our efficient and affordable locksmith service in Notting Hill W11 & W2 London. We can also offer some locks where all locks work off one key, which would solve the above issue – it’s like one size fits all. One key works all your locks!

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