Lost Your Safe Keys?

Many safes that you have at your home or office will have two main methods of opening a key and a combination lock. Often the key may get lost or the code forgotten then at least you’ll have second method entry.

It is wise to try to keep the key safe and remember the code. This is of course easier said than done sometimes we’ll go abroad and come back and forget these types of information.

We do get a number of our clients whom may need to either get a new key cut for their safe or reprogrammed the safes combination code. This can be done and we can reset your safe so that you have a new code.

If you have an old safe that’s been in your home for many years, but you currently do not have access to it, please do call us for a free quotation and safe evaluation. We have an expert safe locksmith on staff who can advise advise you of the options and best way forward.

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