Baby Drama In Chelsea

It was 10 pm that our professional team got an emergency call from a mother who was locked out when her baby was locked in? How did that happen?

It was one of the first nights of winter, which seems to have struck with speed in London this year. A frantic new mother calls up and says: “I just popped to take the rubbish bags out and the front door shut from the forceful wind behind me.” Her voice is frantic over the phone as she asks for our Emergency Locksmiths service: “My baby’s inside the house!”

Thankfully we train all our staff in these situations to ask for the address initially and message this out so we can find out how quickly one of our team can be there…

All the other information can be addressed later, but it’s crucial that we alert any Locksmiths in Chelsea SW3 & SW10 that there is a baby involved, in case they have a a job nearby which they can leave there and rush to help the new mother in distress.

Lindsey was so grateful when I reassured her, that as a local emergency locksmith specialist, we would be able to reach the door within 15/25 minutes.

Our first priority is to open the door, once inside she could then check that her baby is fine and put her mind at rest, and then we can discuss any other matters. Our technician needs to inform her if there is a latch on the door and how to operate it so we can demonstrate how to use it in future so that her door does not shut behind her.

Lindsey was telling her NCT group about the drama only last week and unfortunately a friend of her’s Samantha in the group had a similar problem only a few days later.

When Samantha called us she was incredibly calm it was noted on our internal report. When the technician returned to the office later that evening he was telling me that Samantha near Oakley Road SW3 London was a friend of Lindsey’s in SW10 Chelsea and that Samantha had called Lindsey as soon as she was locked out for our number.

That explains her calm persona!

It was lovely to know there is a strong community in Kensington & Chelsea and that friends and neighbours help each other even in these modern times of the internet and the fast paced world we live in.

We offer a full emergency service at Locksmith in Kensington and Chelsea London SW3 and operate a 7 days a week. We are open all through the festive holidays over Christmas and New Years.

If you would like us to come for a complimentary evaluation of your home security or if you have some works that you would like to carry out and we can offer a no-obligation quotation we are most happy to help and give information.

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