Locksmith London W14, North End Road – Estate agents keys!

Jack lived on West Kensington, North End Rd W14 for the past 2 years almost. He loved it but Jack had just been offered a job aboard in Switzerland. He was off to live there in 5 weeks. It was the end of Jacks tenancy at his flat on, North End Road in W14 London.

The flat was advertised for rent in the local agents window. The agent was in charge of showing viewings of the flat. The landlord had given the keys to the locks to the agent so they could view the flat during the day between 9-6pm while Jack was out at work. The agent often took prospective clients to see the flat. The set of lock keys the landlord gave the agent had 2 keys on it, both were for the front door of the apartment.

However, without knowing that Jack who lived at the property only had one key, which he used, daily this operated the night latch. Jack never locked his dead lock and kept the key for this inside the flat. Joseph the landlord did not know that Jack did not use this key. Therefore when Joseph gave a set of keys to the estate agent the agent was under the impression that he needed to use both keys for the night latch (the top lock) and the dead lock at the bottom of the door.

Jack never locked his bottom lock at North End Road W14 but the landlord and agent did not know this!

This one summers evening Jack jumped on the tube home and when he arrived at his street door he could not open it, he could not understand why? He thought for a moment and realised that possibly the Local estate agent on Earl’s court Road Sw5 London maybe had a key to the bottom lock and had double locked it? He called the landlord and then they called the agent….

The agent had double locked the bottom deadlock and Jack did not have a key for this lock. It was now after 10pm so there would not be any chance for the Estate agent who lived in Battersea to get over to Fulham to open the door at this time of night. Jack thought about staying at a friend… The landlord said it would be best if he called for  locksmith west Kensington w14 London – in fact the landlord keeps the number of a local locksmith that has been recommended to him ‘ Locksmiths of Kensington and Chelsea’ He passed the number to Jack asked him to arrange. He said that if you arrange for the emergency locksmiths to send me the invoice as I have an account with them I would settle up with them directly.

This was good news to Jack as he was soon to be moving to Switzerland and it was one less thing now on Jacks to-do list.

It is best when you move into a property that you make sure you have all the keys and that you test them in front of the landlord or agent. It is also wise to agree with the agent when they are viewing that they only have the same amount of keys as you and that they are aware of your home security system and that you all are talking from the same page.

As locksmiths in the area we can help in this case of emergency and have a technician come over and open the door for you. If would you like to talk about your security needs at your home or office in West Kensington w14 London, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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