Campden Hill Road – Flood Disaster


Situations likes these call for our Emergency Locksmith Service!

There is water leaking from my neighbors’ and they are away on holiday!

Kensington W8 London, early hours of a Sunday morning, I am on duty at the 7 days Locksmith office and a distraught lady calls me regarding a flood at her neighbour’s flat.

She says: “Hello I’m calling from West London between Notting Hill, Kensington W8 and Holland Park W14. My road is Campden Hill in Kensington W8.

I’ve just arrived home and seen that there is water leaking from my neighbor’s apartment inside the upstairs apartment? The family are away on holiday and there is no contact number at hand!

What can I do?”

Whilst you can’t simply call an Emergency Locksmith nearby to break in and open the door so you can see whether an emergency plumber is needed, we advice that it would be best to call the police to register the accident. This way the police will provide a reference number to enable to legal right of entry into someone’ else’s property. This is exactly what I advised Mrs. McAurther and I quickly dispatched a locksmith to open the door.

Our Kensington Locksmith is based just around the corner from W8 and was able to fit a temporary lock on the door. Since Mrs. McAurther may also need to call upon a plumber service, the temporary lock will protect the flat and allow her to gain access.

Thankfully all the flats in block were spared from further damage. Recounting her moves, it was lucky that Mrs. McAurther had such a late night and that as the building was so quiet the noise of the water leaking was loud enough to be heard.

As a genuinely local affordable locksmith company we are able to respond quickly and efficiently.

One may never know when a Kensington Locksmith W8 London is needed – It is handy to have contact number in your mobile phone or close at hand.

Our number here at locksmiths of Kensington and Chelsea is 0203 397 1656! Please call us in case of any emergency- we are here to help.

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