Locksmith Ladbroke Grove W10 London – Bike Stolen !


I like to share with you my story, and a bit information that can help you an any case you lost your bike keys.

It was 7.45am a sunny November morning and I was on my bike going to W10 Ladbroke grove station London, where I jump on the tube to work. I parked and locked my bike as usual and enjoyed my day.

When I got back to the Ladbroke Grove station, I couldn’t find my keys – I searched and thought oh I must of left it at work! I happened to tell my pal Henry about it when we were at the gym that evening and he said: “Oh mate not sure that’s such a grand idea – it could get stolen tonight.”

I panicked. He suggested I call locksmiths near W10 Ladbroke Grove station in West London . When I googled it Locksmith of Kensington and Chelsea came out as the local locksmith closest to me.

I called and spoke to their office manager who was very attentive and helpful, she suggested that if I had a second lock, I could put this on overnight as having both wheels and the centre section locked up it would a better deterrent and put the burglar off.

I asked her if I wanted to get the bike home and get it safely back into the flat could they come and unlock it. Yes it was possible. She warned me that from her experience, leaving the bike overnight in a dark area is not a good idea and I should get it unlocked today still. However, it was already late at night and I wanted to get some rest, so I scheduled for first thing in the morning for the locksmith to come and unlock my bike.

The end of my story: is that I needed to cancel the appointment as when I arrived to find my bike in the morning it was stolen! Even though the the bike wasn’t really worth much, it was a gift from my girlfriend and it meant a lot to me. I guess the lesson is that you need to look after the things that are special to you.


Have you lost your keys? Did someone else lock your bike?

Locksmith of Kensington and Chelsea in Ladbroke Grove W10 West London will be happy to help and give you professional advice – Call Us On 0203 397 1656.

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