Locked In & Out! Is it possible?

My sister lives in a Mews road in Ladbroke Grove W10 London and there is a gate to the entrance of the road. It is good because sometimes at night it can feel a little tense and then there’s the Notting Hill carnival once a year which takes over most of the roads around her home mews.

Recently the neighbours all got together asked our local Locksmith in W10 to install a key safe that holds a spare key to the gate and that helps a lot. I suggested that it would be a good idea after Sophie’s story over dinner a few months ago.


‘Sara I was locked in behind the gates of the mews in North Kensington London and locked out of my home the other week’ What happened I asked … Well I’d left my keys for the house at the office as I changed over my handbag and forgot that my keys were inside the front pocket. I arrived home and put the code into the security pad and the gate opened it self-locks as usual.

I arrive at my front door and realise my keys are not in my new Prada handbag!! Oh Gosh I figure I pop back to the office but when I return to the gate it is jammed and the as the security pad is broken from the inside and my overriding key to the system is on the key ring So Now here I am its 1am in the morning on a Wednesday the streets are pretty empty and I can’t get out of my street and I can’t get inside my home!

I begin to panic , thank goodness I do have a mobile phone that is working and that when I called a local locksmith in w10 London and they came and unlocked both the gate and fitted a key safe on the inside of the gate. I cut a spare key for it which means all the 12 mews house in the street now know the code of the key safe. They can also feel rest assured that there is always an overriding spare key inside the box which allows us all to have the extra piece of mind that we have this extra back up.

The company who helped me were excellent they were kind and considerate and charged fairly for their services, considering it was the middle of the night. They also communicated the options to me really well.

I’ve stored their number in my address book and I recommend if you have any security needs across London and beyond Locksmith of Kensington & Chelsea are available 7 days on 0203 397 1656.


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