How to Keep Burglars Out Of Your Home

Our London Locksmiths recommendations – how to Keep Burglars Out Of Your Home!

Are you going on holiday? Protect your home before you leave for Christmas! Or just for few days out? Look after your home while you are away, we Locksmiths of Kensington & Chelsea – London try to help you with a small recommendation aid “How to keep your home safe and locked while you are on vacation“!

1. Keep it locked

Firstly check all the windows, doors Yes even the balcony & patio door locks on the 4th floor! Don’t take risks – keeping and checking all your doors
And windows are locked including a Deadlock (BS) will keep your mind peaceful and makes it harder for anyone to gain entrance to your property.

2. Hide all keys

Keeping keys on show by windows or doors or even through the letter box can be like music to the ears of a burglar. He can yes wire to hock keys through letterboxes. It is always worth considering for Them to break glass window if they can get keys, House window or even cars. They can drive off in your car very fast, change the number plates and be on their way to selling it on before you’ve got home from Waitrose!

Keep ladders and garden tools stored away and hidden – as they could use a great tools to break in with! Keep ladders and tools stored away!

3. Alarm

If you don’t have an alarm it can be good to get one. By having the box on the outside of your home the burglar does not know if you have it connected to the police or not! It is easier for them to NOT Take the risk…. Because if they walk into your home and your alarm Does go off / perhaps connected to the.

4. Private information – Private

If you have bank statements, driving licenses’ or any other important and private documents we suggest you keep them out of each and eye sight. The best way to store them is inside a document safe or similar. This will help you access them when you need. If you are on holiday you can relax and rest that even if you’re cleaner is popping Into your home they cannot access these papers. Keep your private Information private.

5. Speak with Care

Going on Holidays – there is no need to tell your Facebook friends! It has been said that Facebook is social network it is also easily accessible and its information are not really ever safe. Don’t publish your contact information or your holiday dates, Tell only your nearest and dearest friends and family – keep it to a select few who matter. There is no need t make your holiday plans public knowledge.Take care who and where you speak about your holiday. The local pub is
not a good place to share. Contain.

6. Cash & Valuables

Don’t keep large amounts of cash in your home. The bank is the safest place to keep money. There is no need to take risks and keep this Inside your home. If you feel the need to have safe in your home then perhaps we can help or advise you on the options. Please feel free to Call us and speak to our technical safe team or office manager who can assist with your questions.

7. Lights on

Keep your light on, especially in winter. Maybe get a timer. Leave a Radio on, noise and light is always a sign that someone is home. It Is good idea to ask your cleaner or neighbor to change the time of? Your timer or radio station if you’re away for an extended period of Time. Nothing like making double sure your safe.

8. Protect your letterbox

We have a range of letterbox protectors that do just that they stop
The ability of someone getting his or her hand inside your letterbox. A very good investment to ensure that you avoid unwanted visitors being given a helping hand into your home.

9. Communal Door

When you arrive at your block of flats or house conversation is there door closed properly? Burglars can check this easily and often door it is an away into a building without them having to be seen. Once inside they can have many options for what to do next. If your door is not closed when you arrive to it or you would like it to be more secure contact your landlord or managing agent and ask for their help and report this issue to them.

10. Servicemen and Tradesman

Check identity of servicemen and tradesman. When a person arrives at your home to carry out any form of works it is appropriate for you to ask them for there ID and you can feel safe that they have company details and business cards to show whom they are working with.

11. Door Viewer

Fit door viewer so you can protect so you can see people before they come in….Do you have a door viewer? It is wise to have one. It is always a safer feeling when you can see the face of the person on the other side of the door and you know then whom you are expecting or weather you wish to open the door. Fit a door viewer. They are inexpensive and worth the peace of mind.

12. Take your keys – and car keys too .

Lastly this may sound a little on the silly side however Yes this is a very important point. Place your keys either with other important documents or inside your wash bag. Somewhere where you know they will be safe and you will remember them. As you are packing for your return journey place your keys inside your jacket pocket or travel wallet/Handbag this will ensure that you will arrive home from your vacation and have your front door keys at hand. Have you ever been on a Airplane and panicked that you are not sure where your home keys are or even if you have them. This will avoid this in the future!

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