Safe Locksmith in Kensington and Chelsea

Safe Locksmith Services We have a specialist Safe Locksmiths with over 20 years of experience in domestic and commercial safe opening services.

Our safe professionals, master locksmiths and vault engineers offer a full range of repair and service for all makes and models of safes.

We help you regain access to your safe through careful and precise workmanship minimizing any damage to your safe.

Electronic Lock Safes
Electronic and digital safes are secured by an electronic lock normally powered by batteries without the need for a power supply. The safe can be set to open only with your own chosen pin code, which can be changed when required. Some models also include a backup override key in case of lockout.

Small Compact Safes
Small compact safes are lightweight, ideal for the home inside a cupboard.

Mini Key Safes
Our Mini Key Safes are designed as an outdoor key box ideal for house keys. The range includes the very popular Burton Key guard and the Master Lock Mini Key Safe. Both very good for storing keys outside of a building allowing emergency access as needed. Popular with care workers, school children, and rental properties

Did you lose your key or forget your safe combination?
Are you trying to open a safe but something is wrong?
Did the safe lock get stuck and you now can’t open it?

We offer a full range of specialists that can solve any safe problem: Safe engineers, vault engineers, safe locksmiths in London .

We offer a residential and commercial safe locksmith service for opening and repairing safes cover all major postcodes in London. In addition we can fit locking devices for banks and security establishments along with a comprehensive range of safe’s for installation.

Locksmith of Kensington and Chelsea in London will be happy to advise you or help you to find the best solution to open or reprogrammed the lock combination of your safe.

Call us on 020 3397 1656 7 days for a free estimate and advice on securing your home or office.

If you would you like your home to meet security standards, then please take advantage of our complimentary Security Synopsis service.

We look forward to serving you.