Bath time on Edith Grove w14 London

‘Tis was about 6pm on a wintry Wednesday evening, we received a call from an understandably hysterical Sophie, its my daughter Daisy she says. I had just finished running her bath.

She’s 4 year old and locked in the bathroom, the bath is full of water, Sophie says with panted breath.

We instruct the nearest locksmith technician immediately who was in Holland Park finishing a security checks on a new home. And he told the client he had to come back as there was an emergency. He left W8 and drove through Holland park to Kensington and within minutes thankfully had reached Olympia within minutes is at Sophie’s door in w14 .

It actually on the outskirts of Hammersmith and thankfully the traffic angles were a great help.

Meanwhile Sophie’s trying to entertain daisy in front of a closed door and keep her from going into the full bath.

While the door was opened by the locksmith technician Sophie negotiated with Daisy to stand under the sink and she if she can touch the sink with her hands – this game cleverly kept her out of the bath and away from the door that was being forced open. The door opened, Mother and Daughter were safety reunited.

When everyone was calmer and Sophie offered the locksmith a cuppa and while they were sat down with tea in hand, she begins to share the story … The phone rang Brah Brah …. I answered it  , then I hear SLAM daisy managed to shut the door with force and the one way inside lock with the force of the slam must of jammed itself close as it’s a latch lock and the bolt on it was rather lose .

The lock was too high for Daisy to reach up to it.

At that moment I answered the phone and in a moment Daisy was locked into the bathroom! Can you believe it she says? The bath was full of warm water and the door looked I felt so helpless.

We were just getting ready for bedtime!

The locksmith advised that as a solution so that can not happen a secondtime it may be wise to replace the latch lock, to something that gives her control from the outside with her little one.

The Locksmith suggested replacing with a twist lock on the inside of the bathroom which needs turning to lock and a key to be able to lock and unlock from the outside. This way both sides are fully functional.

Another way to solve this could be a security check on a new home or if there is a change in your living circumstances or a little addition to your family.

We cover Kensington and Chelsea, Fulham, Battersea, Hammersmith, Notting Hill, St Johns wood and beyond we have a great team of technicians and one of our technicians is always nearby.

We respond to emergencies immediately and our locksmith staff at our head office in Notting Hill welcomes all your requests, they trained to help in such matters.

All our security checks are complimentary – we hope to help you make your home a safer place to enjoy.

Please call us at your leisure to discuss any of your security needs.

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