Nightmare before Christmas in SW10, Chelsea

It was the nightmare before Christmas lunch …. 12.30 in the afternoon on Christmas day in England; presents all wrapped and guests on route to Uncle George’s apart from Henry.

Henry was at home in SW7 south Kensington, London making the final touches to the turkey ready for Christmas lunch at George’s in SW10, Chelsea, London. All the family were coming everyone has been looking forward to spending Christmas together … but Henry and the Turkey maybe were going to miss out!

You see, Henry was getting ready and putting the finishing touches to the Roast Turkey, he popped into the garden to pick some Rosemary and Sage . But it was just after 1pm now and Henry had locked himself in the garden a gust of wind shut the door as he popped into the garden. It was Christmas day Henry thought “How will find a locksmith today? I don’t even have a phone with me. The turkey meanwhile gets cripser by the minute in the oven!”

He tries the neighbours bells, luckily Frankie and Jeffery were having Christmas lunch at home they suggest looking on ‘Which Local’ who are contractors recommend by readers for readers. Locksmiths he searches in SW8 or nearby… Ping Locksmiths of Kensington and Chelsea pops up and they pick up the phone and call bring bring bring bring … they look at each other thinking no one’s going to answer today and to his amazement he heard ‘Hi how can we help you’
Fantastic they thought.

Yes yes yes they heard in answer to each question and finally we can be there in 20 minutes and the technician arrived and opened the door with speed . Although the Turkey was a little crispy a touch of gravy later and lunch was looking better too.

It was the story of the day over lunch , well until the games started!

I suggest as a future solution you keep the lock on the latch or take the keys with you next time you pop outside for just a moment!

That year we received a late Christmas card from Henry, it said “All was well done thanks Locksmith of Kensington and Chelsea – Thanks for a lovely Christmas lunch all the family enjoyed the turkey too”.

If you or your family need help with an emergency locksmith or for any routine requirements we are always happy to help.

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