Stella is 89 walking in Holland Park London W14

Stella is 89 a wonderful lady , still going out and about daily ,walking in Holland Park London and keeping herself independent. The other day she popped outside her home in w10 to put the rubbish in the bins and the pulled the door closed forgetting to take her keys with her there she was sat on her door step. Thankfully her lovely nephew is a locksmith – the only problem is that she doesn’t have a mobile phone or a number for him with her.

Luckily after a few moments one her of kind neighbour was passing and she said hi Stella what’s news. Stella said I’ve locked myself out and here I am in w10 needed a locksmith! Julia said oh Stella dear come over to our house let’s have a cup of tea together and sort this out.

Stella was so grateful she used Julia’s phone to phone her family and got her nephews number and very soon he was bopping along in his white van to rescue her with his locksmith skills.

As she has a U PVC door they can be rather tricky to open as they have a multi-point locking system and they are super as security prevention but they don’t do much to help locksmiths do their job!

After the door was opened he advised his auntie to also take the keys outside with her – even if she was only going to water the plants very soon it would become a habit and a good one at that!

He gave her a lovely large sized keying which helped her to sub consciously remembers that her keys were in her hand. If you forgot your keys a lot this is a good idea as a solution it makes them bigger than the problem and you’ll remember where there are – you will not be able to miss your keys next time.

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  1. My mom is not 89, but she locks herself out like that every couple of months, luckily my parents live on the first floor, so my dad has to clime up the window and open the door from the inside (if the window is opened), otherwise they call a locksmith to pick the lock.

    • Kensington & Chelsea Locksmith Office . says

      Hi Aaliyah .

      Thanks for your post. It could be a good idea to get a ‘key safe whichi s a very small metal securit box which is hidden ‘ this is a little box that you fix outside your door and it has a combination code which you can set and tell all the family the code. Your local locksmith wil lbe able to fit ti for you.

      This could be a rescue next time incase the window is closed !

      It amazing how common a problem it is geting locked out, sounds like it keeps your dad fit which is always a plus !

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