To fly or not to fly – what to do?

It was 5pm on Monday evening and Charlie was headed for Zurich from London. He had a monthly meeting with the management team. As usual he’d packed his suit bag with a few cleaning products. The Addison lee taxi was waiting outside his Notting Hill home.

Charlie was running a few minutes late and as he left he put his keys in the lock of his door on Ladbroke grove w10 London and walked down the steps to hand the taxi driver his suit bag.

Returning to the door of the house to pop inside and collect his laptop and jacket… the door was closed. Where was the door key?

That is odd he thought I was just holding them. He paused for a moment to re-track his steps and recalled he had left the key in the door for what seemed like a moment on Ladbroke grove opposite Ladbroke Grove station. Could a passer-by have taken his keys? This felt impossible, but there was no other explanation. As reality sunk in he realised the keys were lost.

The taxi driver and him sat in amazement. What were they meant to do now?

Shall we call to locksmith locally in w10 or ask my cleaner for a spare key?

There was no time, he called the local locksmith in W11 or W10 London when I picked up the phone and realized that he had a plane to catch, I said that instead of taking a taxi to the airport the Heathrow express from Paddington station w2 would be faster. He was in luck and we were able to have a technician with him in 10 minutes. I advised to the technician that he would need to act fast as Charlie had a plane to catch.

On arrival to Ladbroke grove w10, the technician advised to Charlie that it may be best to fit a temp locks till he arrived home. On arrival back in the UK Charlie could at his leisure decide on the permanent lock he wanted.
Charlie was happy to go ahead. He was back in his taxi with all his bags and temp keys heading for Paddington station within 20 minutes.

He called me from the train to say thanks and that he was miraculously still on time for his business trip – he booked us to come to change his locks in 2 days’ time.

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  1. Nice a locksmith story in Ladbroke Grove W10 , which street was it?

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